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Laminate Flooring

With laminate flooring, it's possible to achieve the look of timber flooring without the price tag. Latest technologies in flooring enable manufacturers to create high-quality flooring that looks similar to hardwood floors or even natural stone. This flooring option has become very popular due to its durability, making it an economical choice. 

Laminate flooring comes in a wide range of colours, designs, timber styles, and effects. So, it's no wonder that laminate is a popular choice in Australian homes. In addition, it can give the look of surfaces, such as ceramic, wood, and marble, with a much lower price tag. 

About laminate flooring

Laminates and hybrids are seen as one of the best choices for young families, renovators, and first home builders, especially if you want the look of timber.

How realistic is the timber look?

Almost indistinguishable! In the past, texture and imaging were the only way to achieve a timber-like look. Whereas the newest laminates also have variations in finish, bevel, and treatment to achieve this. Using the latest technology, laminate floors are now produced with such high quality that they can replicate the look of hardwood floors or natural stone. As a result, laminate flooring brings practicality and style to any home or office space. 

How well do laminate floors last?

In addition to its look, innovation in laminates has impacted how floors will wear. Older styles of laminates were visually more appealing than their vinyl equivalents. But not suitable in wet areas of the house because wood particle components were susceptible to moisture, swelling, and drying. However, contemporary versions handle both moisture-laden environments and heavy foot traffic areas with ease.

Finally, laminate flooring is a little greener than its vinyl counterpart. Its core is made up of timber materials, and some manufacturers also use recycled content products. But be aware that the top layer is still a plastic surface layer.

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