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Care & Maintanence

One of the many questions we receive is how to maintain and clean your flooring.

Every flooring brand has got different guidelines for their products. So, it is hard to apply one way of cleaning to all that is out there. This is why we decided to list some of the cleaning and maintenance guidelines here for your convenience.

If your product you have purchased from Giffards Floorworld isn’t listed here give us a call and we will make sure to email you a copy of the guidelines.


Redbook Green Carpets Warranty and Care Guide

Redbook Carpets Warranty and Care Guide

Feltex Woven carpet maintenance, cleaning & installation guide

Feltex Wool Carpets Warranty, Care and Cleaning Guide

Minster Carpets Warranty & Care Guide

Signature Carpet Care Guide & Warranty

Godfrey Hirst, Eco Plus Triexta carpet maintenance & guarantees

Godfrey Hirst, Wool Carpets

Godfrey Hirst, Synthetic Carpets

Godfrey Hirst, Hycraft Carpets

Brintons Carpets Carpet Care

Victoria Carpets Carpet Care



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