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Signature Floors Residential Carpets

According to Signature Floors not all carpets are the same. All of them designed with different technology, treatments, benefits and features.

Signature Floors work with different manufacturers from all over the world in order to create the new effects that enhances the touch, the performance and the longevity of the most beautiful carpets under the toughest conditions.

However, do not let all these options to confuse you!

Firstly, choose the look you are after then the fibre to see which one will fit the best in your home environment with preferred features and style.There are hundreds of carpets and with many that will suit your needs.

This carpet guide will help you to choose:

Carpet textures are determined by construction

Twist-IconTWIST the most used carpet construction twisted together to create a more robust result ideal for heavy traffic areas even textured finish is easy to maintain.

Twist-IconLOOP uncut, the fibre loops on the top layer to create a smoother surface with an extra spring in the yarn which is often used in natural wool fibres.

PLUSH the softest carpet has a straight fibre it will catch the light and shimmer the pile will brush into a direction a luxurious look and feel ideal for silkier man made fibres.

WOVEN unlike the tufted carpets above, woven carpet is a traditional loomed method with patterns woven into the carpet called Axminster, it is a premium carpet.


Giffards Floorworld is a proud carpet retailer showcases beautiful Signature Floors' carpet designs. Come in to 147 Main Road, Moonah to speak to one of our floor specialist to see this amazing range and more.