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Laminate Flooring – Eligna Wide from Quick-Step

Extra Wide adds an extra dimension to the Eligna Collection. These natural floors have extra wide planks that show off their rustic patterns to its best advantage. The width and the length of this floor covering is so perfectly balanced that it creates a beautiful soft modern look in any room it is layed. UW1546_QSElignaWide_CaribbeanOakDarkPlanks Eligna Wide comes in seven different colors / patterns: - Caribbean Oak Grey - Reclaimed Chestnut Natural - Reclaimed Chestnut Antique - Reclaimed Chestnut Brown - Reclaimed Oak Brown - Caribbean Oak Dark - Oak Planks with saw cut light Screen_Shot_2016-05-10_at_12.18.16_PM Screen_Shot_2016-05-10_at_12.18.23_PM