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Choosing Your Carpet

Choosing Your Carpet Carpet is probably the most popular and versatile floor covering solution to many. Especially in Tasmania, where weather is not warm enough. Having said that, homes with carpets are cooler during summer months. Carpet is alsoRead More >

Posted by : admin September 1, 2016

How to choose the right floor covering

Choosing the right floor covering for your home and for your office can be difficult due to the variety of product options out there. With this article we will try to help you specifically for your home floor covering option and will talk about the oRead More >

Posted by : admin August 30, 2016


Giffard's recently received a new line from Quick-Step. It is Livyn floors, which are sturdy and practical luxury vinyl floors with a printed surface in a variety of colours. Liven floors are waterproof and sound reducing due to their high-quality syRead More >

Posted by : admin August 9, 2016